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Welcome to the 26th edition...

The 26th edition of the Tourism Fair «M.i.T 2020» (International Tourism Market) will be held from Wednesday 26th February to Saturday 29th February 2020 at the Expositions Park of Tunis in Le Kram, Tunisia.

Of sustainable and progressive Tourism

«M.i.T 2020» will be organized under the theme of sustainable, responsible and progressive tourism fair, the tourism of mobility. Therefore, the emphasis will be on mobility, digital and intelligent tourism


«M.i.T 2020» is an international fair where the latest market trends of the International tourism sector, the most fashionable destinations, most recent innovations as well as the latest offers, are exhibited and displayed.

In Tunisia...

«M.i.T 2020» will take place in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, Nobel Peace Laureate in 2015, heart of the Mediterranean Sea and two hours flight away from most European capitals and approximate 3 hours flight from African and Arab capitals

A market of supply and demand...

«M.i.T 2020» is a market where supply and demand meet. It is the meeting point and the annual meeting point of suppliers and service providers on one side, and clients and prospects on the other side. It is a B2B, B2C and B2A platform.

For exhibitors-suppliers...

For Exhibitors-Suppliers... «M.i.T 2020» is considered as a display, a showroom, and «show and sell» exhibition where hotel owners, travel agents, online booking agencies, transport carriers, service providers and associations gather and exhibit in order to promote their brand notoriety, and to present and sell their latest offers and products.

et visiteurs-acheteurs ...

«M.I.T 2020»  attire acheteurs et consommateurs motivés, les clients fidèles  et des prospects potentiels. Il est ouvert aux professionnels et au grand public. Il les éclaire dans leurs choix et leurs prises de décisions.

Conferences and activities...

Conferences, workshops and seminars will be organized during the four days of «M.i.T 2020». Exhibitors willing and eager to organize events or activities, within the fair, would be also welcome to do so.

Communication and marketing

«M.i.T 2020» will be promoted through a dynamic communication campaign, international and national media coverage, including emailing, radio spots, online advertisements, social media, professional and non professional press and magazines advertisement and a very wide poster campaign.

The «Tourim Fairs»

The «Tourim Fairs» «M.i.T 2020» will enable its exhibitors and visitors to take advantage of the added value of the four other fairs that will be held during the same date and at the same venue and especially under the same Label of «The Tourism Fairs» which are «Horeca Expo» (equipment and services for hotels and restaurants), «Boat show» (yachting and nautical activities), «spa Expo» (wellness and medical tourism) and «sports show». These five fairs complete each other and so add more value and synergy to one another. .

M.a.P Organization «M.i.T 2020»...

is an annual fair organized and owned to the company M.A.P (Marketing Advertising & Publishing) that is also in charge of the organization of 4 other Tourism Fairs, releases the professional tourism magazine «Tourisme info» and also the «Tourism Directories» and manages the «Tourism Observatory». 26th

«MiT 2020» in a nutshell...

• Time Period : 4 days: Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 February 2020

• Place : Expositions Park of Tunis - Le Kram

• Opening hours: From 10AM to 7PM from Wednesday to Friday and from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday

• address: M.A.P (Marketing Advertising & Publishing) 12 rue Ibn Rachik 1002 Tunis - Tunisia

•Tel number:+216 71 893 215 - Fax: +216 71 484 0 3

E-mail addresses: direction@mit-med.com.tn; commercial@mit-med.com.tn

• Website: www.mit-med.com.tn

• Facebook page: mit